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Why Eat Fish

A well balanced diet is essential to living a healthy life style. Ones diet should consist of a variety of various nutrients that the food groups have to offer. Seafood supplements our diet with nutrients that are not available in other foods and is a very important part of our diet.

Fish and shellfish are excellent sources of protein, vitamin B, vitamin D, trace minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. Some fish are richer in sources of omega 3 & vitamin D than others and these are healthy fats that help our immune system to function efficiently. The Fish & shellfish we eat have many benefits to our health. They increase metabolism and hormone production, and have been related to cognitive functions, memory, concentration and learning disabilities. It is also very important to our skeleton structure and improves joints reducing the risk of arthritis acting as natural anti-inflammatory agents this also helps our cardiovascular health. Not to mention helping to control blood sugar levels. Fish contains the same amount if not more protein and less saturated fats, cholesterol and calories than that of meat and poultry.