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Seasonal Recipes

Marvelous Mackerel Sarnie


Serves One

2 x Mackerel Fillets
Olive Oil
2 x Slices of Bread
1 x Drop of Red Pepper Sauce
1 x Tbsp Greek Yoghurt


Cook your Mackerel in a frying pan, using a dash of oil. Allow the Mackerel to crisp evenly on both sides, and to do this it can be useful to place a weighted item on top. Butter the inside of your bread and lay the Mackerel evenly across the bread. Place the second slice of bread on top, and put the sandwich back in the pan, allowing the bread to cook evenly and soak up all of the lovely oils. Turn once brown and then place on the plate, cutting into four soldiers.

For the sauce place the Greek yoghurt on the plate and add a decent drop of red pepper sauce, stirring the two together neatly with a sharp knife. Now tuck in dipping your soldiers in the sauce as you go.

Marvelous Mackerel Sarnie