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Seasonal Recipes

Lyme Bay Brill Seasonal Vegetables and a Herb Butter Sauce


Brill is one of the secrets of the South Coast and Lyme Bay is ideal fishing ground for these beauties.

1x 2kg Brill - filleted and skinned, cut into 4 portions
50g White Wine
100g Fish stock
Cold Diced Unsalted Butter
8 sticks of Celery - peeled and cut into Batons
500g Baby Spinach - washed
1 hand full of chopped Soft Herbs - Chives, Flatleafed Parsley, Tarragon, Chervil
Caraway seeds
Flour for dusting
Maldon Salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemon Juice


1. Reduce the White Wine almost to a glaze and the Fish Stock and reduce by half
2. Sweat the Celery over a medium heat with the Caraway seeds and a knob of Butter
3. Heat some Olive Oil in a heavy based skillet pan, Season and flour the Brill, cook on one side until nicely golden, turn the Brill and remove from the heat
4. Bring the reduce Fish Stock to a simmer and whisk in the diced cold butter until you have a sauce consistency, season with salt, lemon juice and the chopped herbs
5. Serve on a hot plate with a cold glass of white wine and enjoy!

Lyme Bay Brill Seasonal Vegetables and a Herb Butter Sauce