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Seasonal Recipes

Grilled Monkfish with Black Olive Sauce


All our Monkfish comes from the South West, the heads are usually removed at sea, if you would like to try Monkfish Cheeks, just say so and we will ask our fishermen to keep the heads!

Serves 4

4 x 200g Monkfish fillets
zest of 2 x Lemons, plus juice
sprig of fresh rosemary
1 x bunch of coriander washed and drained
For the Black Olive Sauce
2 x large handfuls of Black Olives stoned and roughly chopped
1x Small Red chilli - deseeded and finely chopped
small handful of herbs - basil, marjoram and parsley finely chopped
1 x Celery heart, yellow leaves chopped
1 x clove of garlic - peeled and finely chopped
Juice of 1 Lemon
Black Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Maldon Salt


1. In a pestle and mortar smash up 2tbsp salt with the lemon zest and rosemary and rub this all over the fish fillets. Put the fillets in a dish in the fridge and allow them to sit for an hour.
2. To make the black olive sauce mix all the ingredients together, except the vinegar. This should have the consistency of a coarse salsa. Then carefully balance the flavours with the vinegar to taste.
3. To grill the Monkfish fillets place on a hot griddle pan and cook for about 3 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness. Whichever way you cook it, serve the fish with the juices. Serve with the black olive sauce and a little rocket dressed with the olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper.

Grilled Monkfish with Black Olive Sauce