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Seasonal Recipes

Grilled Dover Sole with a Ginger Hazelnut Butter


Dover Sole is the perfect fish for a celebration. Of all the Sole family it has the firmest flesh and the most delicate flavor.

On a special occasion you may want to spend more time with your loved ones, so here is a recipe that requires less time in the kitchen.

Serves 2

1 500g Dover Sole
100g unsalted butter
10g grated root ginger
1 tbl spoon Capers
2 tbl spoon chopped parsley
1 unwaxed lemon
Salt and Pepper

Buttered New Potatoes to serve


1. To make the hazelnut butter, first melt 90g of butter and then whisk continuously over a medium heat until you have a strong aroma and the milk solid particles in the butter start to take on a Hazlenut colour, add the Capers, Ginger and 1 tbl spoon of the parsley
2. Scale the Dover Sole and season both sides
3. Place in an oven dish with a knob of butter
4. Heat the grill to maximum and cook the Dover Sole for about 5-6 minutes, leave it to rest in a warm place for 4 minutes to finish its cooking
5. Serve with the boiled new potatoes, a good squeeze of lemon juice and extra parsley

Grilled Dover Sole with a Ginger Hazelnut Butter