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Samways Fish Merchants and International Transporters Ltd. Supplying Quality Fresh Fish Around Europe.


"We decided to take the cookery school to Parnham Food Festival this year and do 45 minutes hands on cookery workshop with fish. Samways as always for our cookery days rose to the challenge and supplied us with some amazing Brill. While we were cooking a gentleman approached me and told me he had been to the cookery school 5 years ago to do a fish and shellfish day and that he just wanted to let me know that he hadn't stopped cooking since and has tried many different varieties of fish and shellfish that he would never have had the confidence to try before. This was music to my ears, however I cannot take all the credit - Thank you Samways for supplying us with such great fish and shellfish." Lesley Waters, Lesley Waters Cookery School

Lesley Waters