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Samways Fish Merchants and International Transporters Ltd. Supplying Quality Fresh Fish Around Europe.

Buying Guide

This page is a buying guide for prep on whole fresh fish

What will I be charged for my fish?

You will only be charged for the EXACT weight of your chosen fish, before any preparation (filleting/steaking etc).

Almost all of the fish and seafood that we purchase is wild and inevitably differs in weight; no two fish weigh the same.

When you select a fish to purchase, we specify the number of portions the fish will feed, a price per kilo and an approximate weight. Our commitment to you is, your fish will vary in weight by no more than 20%; in many cases we can match the exact weight.

Once we have bought your fish, weighed it and prepared it in the way you want, we then invoice/bill you for the exact start weight (before preparation weight).

If you decide to have your fish fully prepared and portioned, please do let us know in the comments box of the shopping cart if you would like to receive the bones and trimmings from your fish; we will be pleased to include them.

What is the difference between 'Cleaned' and 'Filleted'

We buy fish direct from fishermen and quayside fish markets, the fish are normally sold cleaned (gutted). We then offer them for you to enjoy as cleaned or filleted.

If you select a fish described as 'cleaned' it will arrive to you gutted, ready to cook.

If you select a fish described as 'filleted' it will arrive filleted with no bones and ready to cook.

As a rule of thumb we normally end up with around 50% fillet weight when compared with a whole weight once the fish has been filleted and trimmed to be oven ready. Don't forget, if you would like us to include the bones from your fish please note this within your order.