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Samways Fish Merchants and International Transporters Ltd. Supplying Quality Fresh Fish Around Europe.

Local Fishermen & Our Boats

Samways has a long standing relationship with over 150 inshore boats, which land to us on a daily basis. The relationship with the skippers of each individual vessel is paramount to ensure the on-going loyalty of the fishermen. This special relationship has allowed Samways to influence the catch methods and onboard handling to ensure the highest quality of product.

Chris Wason is just one of the local fishermen who fish out of Lyme Regis on a daily basis. He, like all fishermen has the skill, knowledge and determination to fish in all conditions. It is not a friendly game and takes years of dedication and learning, traits which are often passed down through families. We also have daily landings from Seaseeker, captained by a local fisherman Mark Cornwell, who has had many years of experience on the water. Mark and his crew work in extreme weather conditions all year round to provide our customers with the finest fresh seafood the South Coast has to offer.

Many of the local boats from Lyme Bay, Portland & Weymouth are day boats, using the fishing methods of Rod & line, Netted, Jigs and Traps. These types of methods are the most environmentally friendly and also produce superior quality fish.